The Art of Geoffrey C. Everts


The Art of Geoffrey C. Everts – an Introduction

Geoff Everts at Dry Creek, Boise, Idaho- photo by Nancy Panganiban

photo by Nancy Panganiban

The art of Geoffrey C. Everts is multifaceted, to say the very least. While his works merit close and careful viewing, even a cursory glance may inspire other descriptive words, such as: intricate, intriguing, and enigmatic. In the artist's own words:

"People tell me that my work is detailed, so much so that I’ve come to believe them. When working, I’m very much a product of my training; I follow a very traditional method. I’m influenced by a wide variety of things: ideas, nature, and other artists."

Geoff's most outstanding and memorable works, of which there are many, are executed uniquely in his own, inimitable style— they defy categorization and ironclad interpretation. To be sure, he also created several works which could be categorized as science fiction / fantasy illustration, though they portray stories which lived in his fertile imagination rather than in any specific books or magazines. He created a number of self-published comics, and applied his talents for several years in the field of cartoon animation (more on these topics in the biographical section.) Geoff embraced those and many other influences in his artwork, along with a knowledge and appreciation of the marvelous manifestations of the natural world. He felt no need to fabricate and maintain a boundary between "popular" and "fine" art; he often flowed seamlessly between the worlds. Several of his more esoteric pieces contain comic elements, artifacts of his quirky sense of humor which seem to burst through the scenery from other dimensions.

Geoff's artistic career spanned more than four and a half decades. He was an extremely prolific artist, so productive that no one knows how many hundreds of original works he created. It's likely the artist himself didn't know; he was too busy creating new images to count the old ones. This, Geoff's official website, was commissioned in late 2006 and launched in early 2007. The galleries herein contain works Geoff created during the final decade and a half of his life, circa 2000 to 2015. Every gallery piece was selected by the artist. In this memorial tribute section, we have taken the liberty of including other samples of Geoff's works which were not originally chosen by him for the site, for the sake of emphasizing the scope and variety of his oeuvre. We have also included memoirs and tributes by Geoff's friends and colleagues, people whose lives were touched and enlivened by his sorely-missed and all-too-short presence on Planet Earth.

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