The Art of Geoffrey C. Everts


Ellen DeAngelis

I met Geoff in 2010 when he stumbled into my tiny 200 square foot gallery in the Idaho building. We talked about his work, the gallery, and how difficult it was to find places to hang our stuff. He began to express his woes about making a living in the Boise art scene and how he had come to Boise from California. He showed me some photos of his work and I was instantly in love; both with his work, and with this beautifully talented and humble man before me.

Throughout the last 5 years, he would come over to my house to pick up his artwork and he'd stay and talk for hours. We would complain about our jobs, our neighbors... gossip about the art scene and share tips for working through art blocks. We would trade books, share our unfinished pieces and swap tips and tricks.

Geoff was every artist that I dreamed of working with. He was a master in his own field and never tried to pander to his audience, or find gimmicks to cheapen his art. He whole-heartedly enjoyed making his art and was willing to share it with anyone....without a sliver of arrogance, boastfulness or ego. I always touted Geoff as one of Boise's most hidden gems. We were blessed to have his talented work in our art spaces, and even more blessed to have his kind and genuine soul in our lives.

He was one of a kind.

Geoff Everts and Ellen DeAngelis at an 'Art in the Bars' exhibition, The Knitting Factory - photo by Pam McKnight

Geoff and Ellen at an 'Art in the Bars' exhibition, The Knitting Factory - photo by Pam McKnight

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