The Art of Geoffrey C. Everts


Vicki S.

I met Geoff as an artist in my new gallery. He was generous with his time and knowledge while I was prepping the gallery for opening. I was grateful for his labor, laughs, insight and calming influence.

His daily commitment to working on his art was inspirational. He seemed devoted to being the best version of himself as an artist and individual.

Geoff’s gift for teaching was evident in his patience and willingness to share knowledge with others through art demonstrations and workshops. He was proficient at helping young people get started, providing advice and encouragement. He was deeply committed to people, organizations and causes he cared about.

Geoff was open and friendly, yet private and mysterious… He was full of stories and adventures, but often as a story was reaching its spicy climax, he would get a shocked look on his face and say, "Oh maybe I can tell you that another time, or after I’ve had a beer." I never quite figured out the proper time or beer ratio, but not knowing set my imagination into overdrive.

I was fascinated by Geoff’s prolific dreaming and assumed they were the source of the intriguing settings in his art. He said he jotted down dreams while they were fresh in his mind, then methodically logged into dream journals. I hoped for a few glimpses into his fascinating dream world. The tedious tracking is over, now only sweet dreams Geoff.

We love and miss you.

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