The Art of Geoffrey C. Everts


Susan Rooke

Geoff became my friend through our mutual interest in art, specifically ceramics. I first met him in our Boise Open Studios organization where he helped find venues to show our members' work but I got to know him really well when he came for classes at my studio. It was there that I found out that he had a zany sense of humor which kept us all laughing. I remember that someone wanted to know what a body looked like lying down and Geoff immediately lay down on the dusty studio floor to show us! Geoff took classes with me although he was really advanced in ceramic sculpture as I soon found out. He had a sensitive and gentle way with clay, making fragile, detailed work that mimicked his drawings. His work was deeply imaginative, other worldly and uniquely his own. I have one picture of a piece of his in my bisque kiln which has wings [see below], that piece was difficult to do but he made it look easy.

It was always delightful to have Geoff's company at my studio where he still worked a bit in clay after his diagnosis. He worked almost to the end.

Geoff and his kindness and friendship meant a great deal to me. I miss him.

Geoff Everts at Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA- photo by Chris Rutkowski

Kiln containing unfired ceramics by Susan Rooke & Geoff Everts - photo by Susan Rooke

Editor's Note: Images of Geoff's finished ceramic piece can be viewed in Gallery 4. This is one of the last pieces he completed before his untimely passing.

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