The Art of Geoffrey C. Everts


Bill McKnight

I would probably never have met Geoff Everts had my wife not been an artist. Boise feels like a small town, but our circles would still probably not have intersected. This would have been a shame. Geoff was different from my typical friends, and that's what made him so special. A sandwich, no matter how good the meat, cheese, and bread is a bit bland without a dab of mustard or a pickle. Geoff was that dash of unfamiliar spice in my life.

We had things in common like a few years I lived in LA where Geoff had spent much of his life, but it was the things we didn't have in common that made this friendship special. Geoff had a unique and thoughtful insight and a quirky perspective that always made me reconsider my perspective. Whether it was wandering the Boise Down Town on the First Thursday Art Walk or just hearing his point of view on a movie we watched together, he always had a way of looking at things that I hadn't thought of.

Geoff was a kind and generous spirit and one of my most valued remembrances of him is an illustration of my wife and I as monkeys riding our tandem mountain bike he did in the last weeks of his life on earth. I'm not sure this project quite met Geoff's creative standard, but he did it graciously as I think he knew it would mean a lot to Pam and I.

There is not a lot to be sure of in life, but I know I will never have a friend quite like Geoff again. While I'm lucky to have a good life, it will always be a bit less rich and flavorful without my friend Geoff Everts.

'Tanduro' logo by Geoff Everts
'Tanduro' logo by Geoff Everts, on Bill and Pam McKnight's trailer

Geoff's 'Tanduro' logo design on the McKnight's travel trailer - photos by Pam McKnight

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