The Art of Geoffrey C. Everts


Nancy Panganiban

I had the profound pleasure of being very close to Geoff during the last five years of his time on earth, as a friend and fellow artist (though not nearly as prolific as he) as well as romantically. He was generous with his encouragement and advice regarding art, not only to me but to many others as well. Geoff Everts and Nancy Panganiban at Arches National Monument

Geoff had a great interest in and affinity for the natural world. He was widely knowledgeable about the abundance of species on earth currently, in the past, and as he imagined in the future. While hiking he would notice tiny, unusual plants or abstract patterns in geologic features; later I would be surprised and delighted to see them included in a detail of his next work of art.

Geoff’s art was consistently rendered in an elegant yet playful manner. His background in animation and knowledge of anatomy allowed him to be very proficient and flexible when drawing his subjects in extreme positions, angles, and circumstances. The compositions he created were often very complex, yet facile due to his technical skill.

His art portrays a limitless imagination and contains a depth that was sometimes not grasped by those who consider it simply as "science fiction" art. Upon closer inspection it contains a wide range of themes – often within one piece. He sometimes portrayed very dark subject matter, focusing on violence subjected to or witnessed by innocents. At the same time, he would perhaps inject an element of humor such as the inclusion of an unexpected bizarre or "cute" creature from his vast knowledge of animal species. Most consistently, Geoff gave us the gift of expressing his vision of ultimate bliss: human freedom that transcends the constraints of everyday life. His characters are often flying or somehow acrobatic – physically, mentally, and erotically unencumbered.

Geoff’s appreciation of personal freedom was reflected in "real" life, where he never condemned others for having differing opinions or making choices he would never consider. He was gentle, extremely intelligent, articulate, humorous, and never failed to charm everyone he met. When he was ill, his dignity, bravery, and optimism were astounding. Even then, he was touchingly concerned about the feelings and well-being of others. I am honored to have known him; he enriched and continues to enrich my existence.

Geoff Everts and Nancy Panganiban desert hiking

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